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There has been a few questions asked about what temperature I fire my pots at. Very importantly to me is the fact that where I live it gets quite cold in the winter and as such I need my pots to be resistant to frost. It is not unusual for temperatures to get down to minus nine degrees Celsius and at those temperatures pots that have not been fired to a sufficient temperature crack, in fact they may only last one season outside.

Now I have set the background, the pots are fired to 1220 degrees give or take a couple of degrees and although it has only been a short period of time there have been no issues so far. A couple more of the more traditional pots that I have made.

Rectangular with a mulberry ash glaze
An olive planted in one of my pots. A couple of years development and this might look OK

3 thoughts on “About My Pots

  1. Especially love the glaze finishes on those last two pots. The pot with the olive in it looks like weathered corten steel. I like the missing corner detail – very industrial!

    • Thanks, I’m really missing pottery during the “lockdown” period but we should be resuming soon, well in a few months.

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