Australian Plants as Bonsai Exhibition – Part 2

There was robust discussion amongst visitors about the use of figurines and other accents that were used as part of the exhibition. While I am not a big fan of plastic sheep and cows being used I personally didn’t really see these “additives” and just concentrated on the trees first, then the pots and onto the stands. I think that might put me in the league of an old timer?

Eucalyptus nichollii – this told me a story
Melaleuca “Claret Tops” – I have seen this bonsai before and every time it gets better
Coast banksia – I think this has a lot of potential and look forward to seeing it displayed in the future
Saw banksia – I liked it!
Three different Eucalyptus all with exfoliating bark. A very unique and interesting display
Kunzea – a very Australian display
Kunzea – a very artistic display and could only be improved by a new pot. Loved it.
Sticky wattle – interesting tree and great rock but I wasn’t sure if they were a match, only time will tell as it matures. This won the peoples choice award.
Eucalyptus elata – the tree of the show in my opinion

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