Taxus Baccata – English Yew

One of the great benefits of being part of a bonsai society is the opportunity to talk with other members about trees you are having difficulty with. This Yew is one such tree.

It was purchased from the owner of a closed nursery and they had no further use for a couple of yews and this is one of them. When I first bought them the height was about three metres and I had to cut it down to two metre just to get them home. After that this one was cut down again to about one metre and some branches that were unhealthy converted into jins. This tree then sat for a couple of years gaining strength.

The growth pattern of this tree caused me to wonder how best to style it so I took it along to a meeting of the local bonsai society and a couple of people assisted me in finding a style and direction. That was a couple of months ago and I only got around to commencing the styling recently but I think it now has a future and I hold great hope for its continued development. As all bonsai demonstrators say now, just five years of refinement before it will be anything.

So on to the few photos of a very enjoyable day.

How it looked before work started. I was thinking this might be the front prior to the discussions at the bonsai meeting
I thought the nabari looked OK and if I removed a couple of old jins the taper would be improved
The other side showing all the old jins. Either of these two sides could have made a reasonable front, one with the jins peeking through the foliage and one with the jins dominate in the front of the piece.
After much discussion it was decided this would make the best front, jins on one side and the foliage on the other
Interestingly it comes with its own accent plant!
A tilt, a trim and some wire and it was on its way
More trimming and more wire
The first stage completed for now. Time for it to recover before winter hits. The next stage will be to put it in a pot to reflect the new angle and then the next trimming in about December
The standard size conparison

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