Trident Maple Root Grafts

A few years ago I tried to graft a root from this tree back onto this tree. Alas it was unsuccessful. 

This is round two of root grafting and this time I tried thread grafting of three roots just to see if I can be successful with this “new” method. Mid August is a good time to repot trident maples in my area and so it stands to reason that it would also be a good time to apply a thread graft? That was my theory anyway and so I selected the three graft seedlings and away we went.

The pre work look. This is the current front.
This is the area where the grafts will go.
Close up of the failed root graft and where the new grafts will be located.

Two of the new thread grafts in place.

Repotted into an oversize pot to allow for extended root growth.

Now only time will tell if this has been successful. It should not be a long wait until the buds open and that will be the first sign that it is doing well.

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