This Chinese Elm was developed from a cutting in about 1995 and was one of my earliest successes with cuttings. It lived in a number of pots over the next few years, but in about 2002 I decided that the separation of the two trunks was too far away from the soil level, so I did an in pot air layer. It was a success and really improved the image of the tree.

As the tree was starting to develop quite well, in 2006 I potted it into a Pat Kennedy pot, and despite several re-pots, it remains in that pot still.

Photo May 2006


Photo August 2010

This tree still has some reverse taper and because of that I have been considering doing another in pot air layer to eliminate the reverse taper and to also get the trunk split closer to the soil level.

Photo November 2010

However for now I am more than happy to just love the wabi-sabi of this tree.

Photo November 2011

 It would appear that even the butterflies like it!

Photo March 2012


Photo 28 January 2013

Photo 28 January 2013

This is an up-date photo of this bonsai. The foliage continues to improve and the reverse taper is not quite as pronounced as it was.

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