This pot plant has been laying around for about 3 years .Knocked of the rack so many times and left on the ground its a wonder its still alive . As you can see , very poor quality  , die back and very ordinary . It did have some nice movement at the base so it will become an informal upright style . With 3 simple cuts the unwanted branches and apex were removed .An overly thick  mid section side branch had more growth so it will be used as a new leader .No time to waste on this , being a trainer . I have wired the trunk and the 2 lower branches with heavy electrical wire  then set about wiring the finer branches and shoots . There is a small amount of reverse taper below the first bend , so it will be “slip potted” by this i mean removing from its pot ,and teasing the roots out , no trimming of the roots takes place , then  potting up gain into a used plastic meat tray which i now use as trainer trays .Cheap , recyclable and easy to store , forgot to mention unbreakable . No doubt in time the will deteriorate until then i will continue to use them over heavy wooden boxes..This little task took around 1 hour to complete , now it would usually take less time alas i’m not phisically fit with another ruptured disc in my lower back and a broken leg due to a motorcycle accident . It has slowed me down but not completely stopped the work that needs to be done .Cheers Alpineart