This  Juniper Procumbens has progressed very well , i have removed the aluminium wire and trimmed the foliage back ready for another re-wire and style .Using coated electrical cable i have wired them maintaining the spiral bends  , there will be quite a few that need to thicken hence the coated wire has been applied loosely so that it doesn’t cut into the bark and restrict the growth . With the jin branches set in position , i wired the rest of the branches which will be the foliage pads, i have also altered the apex and increased the height of the canopy slightly .This will soon be slip potted into a large tray to allow root run for maximum growth over this coming season .With a good season the longer branches should almost be ready for  creating the jins as per the original plan for this trainer .The current height of the tree is 500mm ,width is 600mm and depth is 400mm , when finished it will be 500mm high 450mm wide and 350mm in depth Hope you enjoy .Seven of the longest branches will be jinned back to the approximate width of the rock base .



Cheers Alpineart