Hi Everyone,

I am an individual artist who has a passion for Bonsai , whilst i may be able to post the topics , for some reason i am unable to contact anyone in particular reguarding issues with pictures , loading or technical issues as i don’t have the experience in this field .I will endevour to check with the technical  support team responsible for this site . If anybody posts a reply in a foreign language i apolagize for deleting it as i don’t and cant speak any other language .Only English spoken replies will be posted as with all things i refuse to post  “Abusive Comments” ,  “Improper” , “derogatory” or ‘sexually explicit”  Replies . I will and do Edit replies that have  errors .

I know there are sites that convert languages however i don’t know from which language i would be converting  to English therefore i am unable to use this service .I would like to maintain a helpful ,  entertaining and knowledgeable service based on my personal experience and with as much detail that a novice to this art can understand .If anybody was to use this information for personal financial gain then i would be extremely disappointed however i will continue to carry this message on without any conflict for the well meaning individuals  seeking  knowledge and inspiration.

If you are actively seeking a forum in which you would like to participate then i highly recommend you join  www.ausbonsai.com.au   . I am an active member , it is FREE  and our world wide membership/audience continues to grow , i post on a regular basis however i explain my methods in greater detail on my blog .I hope to maintain this current blog service for many years .

Many thanks to all who find this site a pleasant experience . Thank-you to Steven  for the opportunity also .


Cheers and Happy Bonsai