This is another custom made rock which i have made provisions for pots to set a couple of Pinus Nigra Austriaca/European Black Pine /Austrian Pine into the landscape . Again i have used aerated concrete panel material for its light weight and durability . I have used a slightly different method and different glues to test the speed of which these can be produced ready for carving . It has worked out well and carving can begin in 24 hours without any fracturing of the glues . This was carved and the pot sections hollow out . The an acrylic render has been applied for it hardness and waterproofing ability , this is allowed to dry then a cement render base coat is applied . Over this several pigment colours are dabbed on then brushed in to give an blended overall natural looking finish . With the colouring and sealing complete the tree’s were added . I have chosen 2 Pines that have had very little training since collected several years ago . The top tree was chopped topped and the side shoots were pre trained as new branches , the lower tree had basic wiring done last year . Both tree’s were slip potted to prevent to much root disturbance and wired while in position . I have needle plucked both tree’s and trimmed the needles to show the outline of the tree’s themselves . The older tree when collected had an 8mm reverse taper so i slashed and spiked the lower trunk to aid the swelling process . After 6 years the reverse taper has completely disappeared and while the slash marks are still present these will disappear in time when the age flaking bark of the Nigra truly defines the beauty of these trunks .


Cheers Alpineart