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This rock has only recently been completed using hebel panel offcuts which are basically light weight autoclaved concrete . This rock will be freestanding  in a tray not a potted rock planting so i have used a muck to help retain moisture and also aid in the growth of the moss being used . The moss will serve 2 purposes by which it will keep the rock cooler and also represent the waterfall which has been carved into the rock as a minor feature . I have used a thick layer of muck both inside the hollowed section for the plants and also along the crevices carved into the rock itself . I have pre-wired the plants to prevent to much movement once they are positioned into each pocket .With all the Junipers in the desired position i then set about applying various types of moss and lychen . This over time releases spores and the older moss can be removed and a closer new mat of moss will begin to grow and adhere to the surface for a more realistic look .With the mosses finished i then give the Junipers a slight trim and manipulate the trunk lines to a more pleasing position . With all the work done it gets a good wash and under the pergola it goes to allow the tree’s to settle and the moss to flourish . This will eventually be placed in a shaded area behind the house out of the wind and radiant heat which is a major problem here over the Summer months . Cheers Alpineart

Custom Made rock -Ishitsuki in the making

This has been a project and a half , to make another vertical rock for an Ishitsuki i have planed for . The basic material is Hebel panel / Aerated concrete , Its light weight and is easy to carve , I have basically designed the rock and set about gluing it together with a construction adhesive and allowed to cure over a few days . With the panels secured together  i have drawn the outlines of the design and then begin to cut away the access material using a sabre saw for quick removal to give the rock a basic starting point to work from . This is where the die grinder in in a league of its own , with a high speed steel cutter attached i begin carving the material out and basically shaping the rock With the basic shape carved , i have changed the cutter to a tungsten tipped carver and a rotary file  for less effort and a cleaner more detailed finishto its present form , being extremely careful of the reinforcement rods in the concrete  panel material . It is time consuming and definitely worth the effort to create a unique piece custom made for the purpose and design in mind . After around 20 hours of carving and shaping its ready for the colour to be applied. I have chosen basic black as the highlight and applied  it to the high spots to allowing the features carved into the panels to be outline to a greater depth  . This is then brushed and rubbed over to blend the colour into a more natural looking texture . With the colour finished off to the desired colour , it’s simply a matter of applying several waterproofing coats and allowing it to dry . This will now be allowed to weather for a week the tested to see if it needs more waterproofing as the less agent used the more natural the finish is . I’m extremely happy with the result of this project , now all i have to do is decide which species of flora will grace the rock .


Cheers Alpineart