At the start of September I thought it would be fun to post a different t-shirt with a bonsai related theme every day for the whole month. Today is the last day of September and this will be the last in the series of bonsai t-shirts posted, and I have a couple left over!

As it is the last day it is appropriate that my “blog sponsor” gets two t-shirts put up in lights.


Chinese Fringe Flower

This is not really a bonsai, but it is a very interesting flowering plant. Its real name is Loropetalum chinense and my darling wife saw one as bonsai at an exhibition and thought it was delightful, and thus she bought one and I started working on it a couple of years ago. It might be a bonsai in another five ot ten years, but until then we just enjoy the flowers that come around in spring, and again in autumn.

Technically it belongs to her but when it looks good in flower, I take all the credit.