Stand From Recycled Timber

I have collected an amount of timber over the years and Covid-19 has given me plenty of opportunities to practice my woodworking skills. They are not that good as yet but using pre-loved timber is a great way of honing the necessary skills.

I am bound by the type and size of the pre-loved timber that I have in what designs and types of stands I can make, but it has been a fun journey.

This is the latest off the production line, a tall elegant stand that I see being used in a three point display.

Shohin Yamadori Crab Apple

This tree has been through a few iterations and now I think it is on the right course. It was dug locally and I presume the result of a bird dropping but there are other possibilities. It looks great when in flower and maybe even better when it has fruit but the winter silhouette is my favorite. It currently stands about 17cm tall and is in a pot by Penny Davis

If you were wondering what it looked like a few years ago, well here it is.

More than 40cm tall then