One of my favorite trees and took a photo just for fun. I particularly like the nabari and the aged bark. The ramification is improving each year and now looks quite good in winter. I enjoy this tree at all times of year and I hope you enjoy this late summer photo.

As this is the last day of summer this is the last photo in the series. I hope you have enjoyed these.


This olive came from South Australia and was a gift from a friend, good friend.

I have been trying to develop this for a few years now and I recognise it stills needs work but it is on track to being better. Removing the straightness of the first left branch would be a good start.


This poor old thing is wild and bushy so therefore in need of some love and attention.

I took the photo so I could keep a track of its progression over the years and also as a reminder to take better care of it. In saying that I appreciate that some times you need to let a tree “grow out” to get some strength and hopefully it will be better off for that experience.

It does need a repot and some new potting medium may also assist in its strength building.


I think this is a Chinese quince however I am not sure. It was dug a couple of years ago from a property in the hills, from what I would describe as an abandoned garden. Anyway I was very grateful to be able to get this stock.

Last year I planted it into this pot that I made and I think it looks OK. Many years of development to go but it is on its way.

Field Maple

I have three maples of differing varieties that sit on the same bench at my place, a Japanese maple, a trident maple and this field maple (Acer campestre) and I like the display that they portray.

They all need some work but when they sit up there side by side its like a family get together.

Trident Maple

I have a trident maple growing in my yard as a landscape tree and this tree is a result of a stray seed that didn’t get pulled out, so that is a win for me and a win for the tree.

Currently it is showing some leaf damaged caused by summer but its not as bad as previous years as this summer has been mild in comparison to recent summers.

Japanese Maple Triple Trunk

This was a gift from a lovely and very generous lady a few years ago and it has fitted into my collection perfectly. It has relatively small leaves and good autumn colour. The ramification needs to be improved and I have set myself a time frame to get that done but right now it looks good in leaf and therefore the photo.

Chuhin Size English Elm

I have had this tree for many years and I really like to view it during the winter when all the tight ramification can be seen is at its best. It also looks OK in full leaf.

I will work on this again at leaf fall with the aim of further improvement to the ramification and with some luck I might be able to show it without leaves one day soon.

Deodar Cedar

This tree was sold to me at “mates rate” by a good friend of both myself and the Goulburn Bonsai Society and I am most grateful to him for the opportunity to develop this tree. In time I hope this will be exhibited and naturally credit will be given.

This tree is ready for the next round of wiring and branch placement. The potting into this pot has made a big positive improvement and the next step will be made in the coming months.