Pink Flowering Hawthorn

I dug this in 2011 and since then I have been trying to save the tree from borer attack and finally I think I am on top for the first time. The tree has rewarded my effort by flowering all over this year and it looks great (I am biased however).

First is a photo of the flowers which are red in the early stages but change to deep pink as they mature.

The bonsai stands about 800 mm high and although the spring flowering is the highlight it does look good all year as it changes through the phases of the seasons. I will let it grow for a six to eight weeks before giving it a good cut back and possibly a restyle of the apex.

The pot is by Australian potter Marie Hewartson I believe and was chosen to complement the bark but consideration is being given to putting it in a glazed pot. A decision will be made in the coming months.

A quick look at some of the borer damage.

Hawthorn With a Flower

I am letting this Hawthorn grow out to allow it to gain strength and to put on a few more options in tertiary branching but just because it was in flower (only a few) I took a photo. You can see that it is filling out and soon it will be a ball.

When the new growth hardens off I will trim it back and make some decisions on its future direction. I want to make it narrower than it is now and to get some separation between the foliage masses, especially on the right side as you look at it. With a little bit of luck it may be exhibited next spring.

This tree was dug quite a few years ago because it had a trunk with taper and movement, things that are sometimes difficult to find in yamadori.

Goulburn Bonsai Society Exhibition 2020

The local bonsai society held their annual exhibition recently and it was the first one in eastern Australia sine March 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic and of course there were strict rules in place but none the less it was a great weekend.

Some things that would normally happen didn’t go ahead this year however the opportunity to show bonsai to all the bonsai folk and the general public was very rewarding.

A few photos from the exhibition.


A friend and I were out digging a few English elms around an abandoned farm house a couple of years ago and put this “in the bag” just to see if anything would come of it. I understood that it was small and there is not much to it but I thought I would give it a go.

After a few years there is still not much to it but when it is in flower it looks quite nice, so it got rewarded with a photo.

The close up of the flower does not show its real colour which is more of an orange colour than the red, but still quite nice.