Hedera helix Gold Heart

I am not sure if this is the correct name for the plant I have but until I find out differently I will stick with this name.

I dug this from a garden about 25 years ago and it has been through a few different “looks” over that time. Last year I decided that it was time for a makeover and I set this on course to be shown at the local exhibition in 2020. With the Covert 19 virus it was uncertain if our exhibition would go ahead but the latest indication is that it is on and therefore I needed to get this is show condition.

25 years growing in a pot has done little to reduce the size of the leaves but as it is a large bonsai the leaf size is not so critical.

So here is the new look and I hope that the foliage mass will be slightly fuller and taller by exhibition time, but for now it is progressing OK. By fuller and taller I mean I want it to be just below the jins at the rear of the plant.

For an ivy this has a very large trunk and that feature is a real plus for the display in my opinion. For size comparison the standard measuring equipment is shown below.

This is a free add for the local brewery showing the Ducks Lane Lager.


In my last post I spoke about branch colour, but this post is about leaf colour. Winter leaf colour in particular. This azalea is out of shape and needs work on its profile and that will occur in a couple of months, however the cold winter temperatures impacts on the foliage and turns it a reddish colour.

It gives winter a lift in my opinion.

A bit scruffy at this time of year
However the leaf colour makes up for it