Broom Like Shohin Plum

It was time to repot this bonsai so I also took the opportunity to lift it slightly in the pot (to reveal a little more nabari) and of course to give it some fresh media. This year I used 100% acadama and I hope that the tree will respond positively. 

I am really starting to think this little bonsai has a future and hope to see a few flowers and possibly a fruit or two this year.

A little bit of wire to sort the branches into a little more order and the job for this year will be done. The following few photos are during the repot process.

The before look
A look at the root structure
An overhead look and the tools used

Seiju Elm

I have had this elm for about ten years and it has been slow to develop, very slow but I now feel it may be ready to exhibit in a couple of years. That is the plan anyway. It still has a few improvement to be made and those will happen over the next few years.

It is that time of the year to repot your deciduous bonsai and this one has just had that done. I repotted it back into the same pot as I think the exterior of the pot matches the rough bark of the tree..

Only about another 20 or 30 to be repotted now, but I have made a start.


Zelcova in Winter

I dug this Zelcova from a garden maybe 15 years ago and it has been a long haul since trying to get the ramification that Zelcova’s are famous for. I think it is starting to turn the corner and it won’t be long before I should be able to exhibit it, fingers crossed.

It is currently in a Jenny Davis pot which I really like however I’m thinking a slightly smaller pot may be more appropriate at the next repot.

Literati English Elm in Winter

A little while ago I posted a couple of photos of tall “skinny” bonsai and one was this English Elm. This tree has of course lost its leaves and has been given its autumn trim and now it is time to alter the design.

It needs a new pot and I am thinking round, but smaller than this one and in a different colour. I unfortunately have this “thing” about green pots for deciduous trees but hopefully I will find one that is suitable for the tree but not green, time will tell.

I have decided to slightly alter the viewing side and I will be removing the long root at the rear at the time of repotting.

This is the new side and a repot in late August is the plan.