The Trophy part 8

This will be the last photos from my visit to the “Trophy”. I didn’t take a photo of every tree displayed (which I am disappointed now) but in my opinion I did save one of the best for last. This is a Pinus mugo by Nik Rozman, a yamadori, a European native species and it was in a pot by a “local” potter.

I think this sums up the exhibition well in that there is definitively a move towards native species and the use of local pots. Nik is featured in the latest edition of Bonsai Focus magazine and appears to have a great future in the art of bonsai.

A Few More Pots Just Out of the Kiln

Very exciting time this week as a few more of my pots were revealed as they were unloaded out of the kiln. I am still under close supervision by my teacher but as time goes by I think I am getting progressively a little better. I still very much enjoy the process of “playing with clay” and am continually surprised with what you can achieve with it.

Anyway, enough chatting, on with the pots…….

I still have a lot to learn, especially in regard to glazes but its a work in progress. Hopefully in a few months I will have a couple more to show.

Cotoneaster needs a trim!

Yesterday was the monthly meeting of the local bonsai society and I took along a cotoneaster that was in desperate need of a trim. I had deliberately let this grow to allow the tree to gain some strength but the time had come.

The before trim look.

An hour or so with the scissors and it was back to a more reasonable size. A few members and I also took the opportunity to discuss the tree for possible improvements (it really does need a lot of improvement) so we turned it around, put it at different angles and generally critiqued it. I have made a few decisions on the future for this tree and I will post the “new look” in six or eight months time.

The after trim look.