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Collected Montereys

These once again were from a good deed for a friend Chop top MONTY’S .John attempted to eradicate his pine wildling problem and missed by That Much . He chopped off the top and left a shoot or branch on the trunk .The end result was the continued growth and a nice little collection of pines for me . We spent 4 hours eradicating trees however there were around50 that i purposefully cut to regrow and told John i would dig them out for him NEXT YEAR

These area few of the collected Shore pines i inherited after offering my services to a local shire to assist in the removal of noxious weeds . Beautiful weeds

More Collecting

These 2 Yamadori were collected recently on an outing with the family .The big Hawthorn is a monster and a half , the original tree had rotted off and the 2 lower branches have become the twin trunks that will be used for a convincing 2 tree style Bonsai . There is ample material to carve including the original over large side root .

The Pinus Monterey was an original chop top that has grown a new leader from 1 of the remaining branches missed during an attempt to eradicate these noxious weeds . It will make a very nice informal at the least . The trunk itself is 100mm at the base and about 1200mm overall height.It gives good scope for shaping and carving