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This has been a slow progression from a constructed cantilever slab project then adding a Savin Juniper/Juniperus Sabina and creating a raft style forest .The original raft died after a holiday break and the caretaker forgot to water some of my collection .Its hard to get good reliable  help , so i had to replace the juniper with a less developed nursery plant .This is the first initial wiring / training of the forest . Originally 15 branches were retained to aid root growth for the raft , after trimming i retained 11 .

No doubt its on its way to a very nice Raft Group Forest . Cheers Alpineart

These are some of the pines collected from the local area ,  wired , then pre-styled for the first time .With so many tree’s getting a work over , it is almost impossible to show before and after shots of the progression as time is not available for styling , wiring and photography.Along with other work commitments and family i seem to have lost the balance , but i will endevour to get some topics rolling .These are a few close up pics  Pinus Nigra Austriaca – European Black Pine – “Semi Cascade”Pinus Nigra var’ Nigra “Cascade” ,

Western Shore  Pine- “Wind Swept , Pinus Ponderosa- Western Yellow Pine -“informal Upright”, Pinus Nigra var’ Nigra “Cascade” Pinus Nigra -var’-Maratima “cascade . With the initial styling completed these will be returned to the growing beds and fattened up over a couple of seasons .Cheers Alpineart