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Yamadrori Monterey Pine

This was collected after rediscovering it had survived a weed spray a couple of years ago .It was growing in a cascade over a roadside terrace , originally on a deer run or wallaby track. Since the new road was cut in the run was unused and the tree has flourished .It is around 2 m in length with a base about 150mm x 200mm and a 100mm trunk .A natural wildlife shari exists from the base to the mid section . I have applied wire tornaque’s to the upper sections and removed the apex to conserve energy and pre style the tree

Mugo with a twist

This was purchased in July 08 along with a ute load of other reject trees .I had no idea what to do with it as i don’t particularly like literati and as a Mop Top i was basically Literati .Trimmed and repotted it lay idol for 12 months, then i attached an Alpine Truss to assist in placing movement into the lower section .With spare time on my hands and a constant effort to keep this upright and potted i chose to screw it around 360 degree’s and train it into a Yamadori type Mugo .. Using some shade cloth slings and hook and hold wires the rotation was done .Another 360 degree twirl would finish it off however it may not be possible .The tree can settle for another season and i will give it some more attention .