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This was collected last year and has been a vigorous grower , having originally been a chop top in the wild the side shoots had taken over and produced a multi trunked tree . Now some might sit and ponder  and analyze the tree then make the decision .I on the other hand make the decision before i collect the tree .Rarely to i deviate from the original concept unless it is a nursery grown plant . This was a very simple transformation as simple as 1-2-3  .  Step 1 , i removed the lower rear secondary trunk leaving a stub as i need a shoot at it base for a in-arch graft further up the main trunk , Step 2 ,  i removed the original chopped top , Step 3 ,  the apex on the new leader was removed . This took all of 30 seconds , with the major work done the cuts were sealed with red clay , simply rub the clay into the cuts and it dries within a few minutes stopping the wound from bleeding .I don’t use cut pastes on any trees . Step 4 , I then attached the inarch graft to the section of the trunk immediately below the second cut , this will help heal the scar and balance the new tree . Step 5 , i then remove the unwanted branches and shoots . Step 6 , I have applied the minimum amount of wire to the main branches and inarch  graft , the rest are very thin and will fatten up well with a power feeding regime . Next season they will be wired for the final styling of the tree  . The lowest base branch at ground level will be retained as a sacrifice branch to continue to fatten the trunk over the next few years .The mid section of the tree shows a bar branch this will be rectified by utilizing either branch as an in-arch graft or removed completely  .This basic trainer took around 30 minutes to produce .  This topic took well over  hours to upload . Now its off to the growing area and on to the next project . Cheers Alpineart

These are the start of several hundred trainers the i will put through their paces during the next few months These few are finished at 175mm in height. The other collected trees  range from 100mm to 1200mm  all of which were collected from now destroyed test plots .There is how ever several thousand wildlings that could be collected .Its a race against time as the weed spraying crews have moved in on the noxious weeds and began to destroy them . During the next few months i intend to collect as many as possible along with pre-training the many plants i have .

I whipped these few up in less than 1 hour , the roots have penetrated the bottom of the pots so they will be slip potted into larger pots and allowed to grow on .Next season the will be re-potted into Bonsai pots and then presented for sale .I will keep the unusual , unique individual trees for my private collection and pass the rest on .I believe these are definateley  “the superior Black Pine” , they have vigourous growth , back bud extremely well and needle reduction is possible in a very short time .Looking forward to turning out some unusual trees .Cheers Alpineart

A message to All

Hi Everyone , I am an individual artist who has a passion for Bonsai , whilst i may be able to post the topics , for some reason i am unable to contact anyone in particular reguarding issues with pictures , loading or technical issues as i don’t have the experience in this field .I will endevour to check with the technical  support team responsible for this site . If anybody posts a reply in a foreign language i apolagize for deleting it as i don’t and cant speak any other language .Only English spoken replies will be posted as with all things i refuse to post  “Abusive Comments” ,  “Improper” , “derogatory” or ‘sexually explicit”  Replies . I will and do Edit replies that have  errors .

I know there are sites that convert languages however i don’t know from which language i would be converting  to English therefore i am unable to use this service .I would like to maintain a helpful ,  entertaining and knowledgeable service based on my personal experience and with as much detail that a novice to this art can understand .If anybody was to use this information for personal financial gain then i would be extremely disappointed however i will continue to carry this message on without any conflict for the well meaning individuals  seeking  knowledge and inspiration.

If you are actively seeking a forum in which you would like to participate then i highly recommend you join   . I am an active member , it is FREE  and our world wide membership/audience continues to grow , i post on a regular basis however i explain my methods in greater detail on my blog .I hope to maintain this current blog service for many years .

Many thanks to all who find this site a pleasant experience . Thank-you to Steven  for the opportunity also . Cheers and Happy Bonsai . Alpineart