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Ishitsuki composed

This is the result of a comp i decided to enter .A native Aussie vertical landscape , i used an older trainer and the cuttings taken from the previous year off the trainer to combine into this finished item .All up it took 9 hours to complete the landscape

Arbutus unedo

This was a good find while out seeking a hawthorn from the clear felled area behind my house . I managed to remove 2 large root layers from either side of a monster 500mm base . I will collect the main tree before the dozers move in to flatten the lot. The small turtle back has a base of around 100mm while the larger 1 has a 150mm base .Should sprout quite well considering the large amount of roots attached to the bases .

I purchased these 2 trees from a wholesaler prior to the Beechworth fires , unfortunately his business was burnt out , luckily his family and house were saved . I used 2 method for training the new shoots 1 was to leave the old branches and tie down with fishing line .

The second method was to remove all the branches and when the shoot emerged used the spring pegs the direct the new shoot into the desired position . Much safer , less damage and very simple to adjust .

The trees were monitored over the next 2 seasons and trimmed sparingly . I decided to do the first initial styling using conventional spiral wrap wiring , something i don’t particularly enjoy except for the result . With 50% of the foliage removed these have come up a treat I will allow the foliage to grow on to increase the width by about 30% over the next few months and trim to suit . All in all i am happy with the result