These are the new look grow beds that have been implemented as the stock continues to grow .I have made extra area’s to plant out progressing Trident Maples , Japanese Maples , Crab Apples , American Horn beams and  Flowering Cherries .Most of these are 2-3 year old seed grown trainers in various configurations and progressions . I have over 100 square meters of grow beds and approximately 1200 different  trainers in the ground at various stages of development .Keeping on top of these is a task and a half in its self , with and early Spring and major frost still occurring some will no doubt suffer from premature budding and leaf burn .Life in this yard is very busy even in winter when the new beds were established then there is the re-potting and root pruning of all my potted tree’s and trainers . All the work here is done with a little help from my 8 year old son .Yesthis is  one mans passion / operation obsession , no staff hiding behind the scenes doing all the work while i take the credit .Cheers Alpineart

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