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This is a little unusual as the root stock and the grafted stock have both produced the new leaders . While i refer to this trunk as the little one it is actually over 100mm at the base . It was also defoliate to allow the dremel easy access to the carving area . With the foliage 2/3 Green and 1/3 Golden , i may remove a green leader to balance the tree and foliage colour together . This was basically just cleaned up from the original carving and extended down to the ground level . I was hoping for a hollowed trunk however die back resulted and i decided to open up the hollow section .

Ulmus Glabra “Lutescens” #1

This is a Golden form of the Wych Elm – Ulmus Glabra “Lutescens” . Due to the amount of foliage on this i have defoliated the canopy in order to get the carvers in to do the job . The graft union has a reverse taper so i had to get rather harsh with the carving to alleviate this defect .Still having the damage done by the excavator i chose to use it to my advantage in the carving process .This was a little different to the normal carving but at the end of the day it look quite good .This too will need fine detailing at a later date . These close up shots show the depth of carving required to eliminate the damage marks from the machine that removed them from the ground Time is precious at the moment so things are flying off the racks and back again in order to catch up on lost progress .

Cheers Alpineart

Ulmus Glabra # 2

This is another Green form of the Elmus Galbra I don’t think i could actually call it Lutescens as it is the root stock colour not the graft stock foliage .Either way it is a Wych Elm . This was an average carving job however each to his own on these .This has a long way to go to complete the carved section but with such a big base i need a bigger carver to slice through so much time lost to injury , all these will require follow up treatment and refinement, this one more-so than the rest .Time will tell as to the direction this particular trunk will take . Until then its back to the bench and onto the next job .


Cheers Alpineart