This was a simple driftwood style project . Using a collected stump from a dead Tea-tree i simply grooved the area where the Juniper would be placed . Firstly i drilled a series of holes in the trunk and removed the excess material with a chisel until i reach the desired depth . Placing the stump up against the tree i then work out how much material would be required to be remove to accommodate the trunk of the Juniper .

Splitting the trunk of the driftwood made it easier to remove the hardwood to insert the plant . With the grooving and channeling complete i inserted the juniper into the groove and with the use of wire and rubber pads i tied the tree into position . As the juniper trunk was too thin to use screws the wire alternative was used . At a later date i will screw the whole project together using Stainless Steel or Solid Brass Screws .

Wiring is easier before the tree is mounted however care should be taken so the wire can easily be removed without damaging the finished Bonsai

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