These Bougainvillea’s  were purchased from a nursery throw out section , originally priced at $24.95 i picked up all 5 Bougs  for $15.00 . The 4 represented here are the Bambino’s .These were on my shopping list for some time but i couldn’t justify $25 for 1 plant .The only thing wrong with the plants is they are going into hibernation after flowering . On  returning home i whipped them out of their pots and checked out the root balls and made the decision to plant 1 on a rock to represent “root over rock” and the other became informal uprights . A quick trim of the foliage and into their respective pots .I then wired and shaped them into nice trainers . Each trainers cost a mere $3.00 and 1/2 an hours to pot up and style , all up less than the original purchase price of 1 plant .Cheers Alpineart

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