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This was a good use for some unwanted Trident Maple seedlings .Using a piece of Villa Board i drilled a series of hole combinations to thread the whips into.Where the trunks were loose i added extra seedlings to ensure a snug fit . These were then planted into the ground and should fuse nicely .

Big Plum Update

This was the collected plum that was potted up last season into a training box .I needed to do a root prune job so i set up a tripod with some 4×4 posts i had laced together with tie-downs and i used the same to suspend the trunk so the roots could be worked on .After trimming the roots not a great deal of feeder roots were left so i used a toothpick method i was shown from a forum i have joined to stimulate new roots . After completing the root work the trunk was placed back into a terracotta bowl that i had laying around .It was only just big enough at 600mm in diameter . It will reside in this tub until i can locate a bonsai pot big enough or make a custom tray for it .

This was quite simple as removal of foliage takes place on collection to lighten the load on the roots I basically took it a step further and wired and styled the tree into a trainer .More movement in the vertical appearance will take place over time .While i was at it a needle trim was also done .Enough torture for now, it can rest and recover until i find the time to revisit and finish the styling